Dr. Julian Chan

julian chan

 Assistant Professor

 Ph.D. MIT   (2010)

 B.Sc.  UIUC (2005)

materials chemistry, organic electronics, conjugated polymers

Welcome to our Organic Materials Lab!     


Research in the Chan Group lies at the interface of organic chemistry and materials science. In our lab, we design and synthesize new organic molecules and polymers for optoelectronic, nanomedicine, and energy applications. Interested students should e-mail Prof. Chan directly.


Latest News


Sep 2017 – Congrats to Prabhat on his novel push-pull fluorophores article!
Sep 2017 – Congrats to Guoxian on his paper on bismuth-organic materials! [link]
July 2017 – Watch a video of our new thermochromic material [link]
Dec 2016 – Chan Lab publishes paper on deep-blue emitting helicenes. PDF
Mar 2016 – Prof. Chan receives NSERC funding.
July 2015 – The Chan Lab was awarded CFI funding. See press release for details.